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Q.L.S. has the latest technology, training, and experience to assist you with all of your needs in the process of electronic discovery.

Quality Litigation SUpport

This includes the collection, preparation, review and production of electronic documents in litigation discovery, inclusive of e-mail, memos, letters, spreadsheets, databases, office documents, presentations, attachments, and other data stored on a computer, network, backup or other storage media. Q.L.S. usually receives the material in native format, and then converts it to tiffs for use in databases, or to PDFs.
We think nothing of facing a dark, cramped room piled to the ceiling with cabinets and boxes, each bulging with jagged heaps of briefs, memoranda, and scrawled notes. Without a blink, we simply begin rendering order out of chaos. If security is a concern, we will perform all document imaging and indexing operations right in your client’s offices or yours.
QLS can compress an entire cluttered room into a set of shiny CDs. You can hold it all in one hand, fully indexed so you may find whatever you need without leaving your desk. You can have multiple copies so you can bring the entire file room with you on the road or take it home.
  • Document Scanning & Coding
  • Electronic Endorsing of Bates Labels
  • litigation support

    Searchable PDFs

  • Load files for Summation, TrialDirector, Concordance, Sanction, IPRO, as well as Other Export Formats
  • OCR for Database Load Files and Searchable PDF Files
  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
  • Conversion of E-Mail Stores to TIFF, PDF, Summation Load File, etc. and Extraction of Metadata
  • CD & DVD Duplication
  • Transcript to Video Deposition Synchronization

Call Us Copycats


litigation copies

We can copy a mountain of paperwork for you: we’ll even pick up the mountain and deliver two well-organized mountains back. We’re experienced in managing large projects in which millions of pages in dozens of sites must be photocopied on short notice. We can handle massive fax projects, bulk document binding and mailing, in fact anything involving moving, storing and communicating legal information.

If security is an issue, we will even come to your office with our own high speed copying machines. Our color equipment is capable of preserving every original detail, including hard-to-reproduce highlight markings. Every photocopy can be Bates numbered and hand verified by a specially trained document expert to ensure that original page sequence is preserved and the smallest period is fully legible.
        • CD & DVD Duplication
        • Transcript to Video Deposition Synchronization
        • Blow-back Printing of Imaged Documents on CD & DVD
        • Litigation Copying
        • Oversized & High Speed Copying
        • Briefs, Bench Books
        • Binding, Tabbing
        • Bates Labeling by Hand
        • Facilities Management
        • Free Pickup and Delivery

Put Us On the Stand

Human beings absorb the bulk of their information visually, not verbally. As a result, jurors will more easily remember that a button was missing from our coat than what was actually said during the opening argument. It’s simple human nature.

judge documents

Fortunately, this means that the visual experts at QLS can magnify the force of your argument many times over by providing you with compelling images. We are experienced in translating complex arguments or data into simple, persuasive pictures and visual demonstrations.

  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • Color Photo-Quality Exhibit Enlargement
  • Color Printing & Copying of Regular & Oversized Documents
  • Computer Graphics
  • Legal Exhibits