About Us
Quality Litigation Support was founded by Stewart Abercrombie and Marvin Tuschl in March of 1994. Paxton Hester joined the team several months later as the Head of Client Development. Q.L.S has served the Baton Rouge legal community for 20 years.  We service law firms and businesses across south Louisiana and the region as a whole.
What began as a litigation copy and demonstrative evidence company, Q.L.S. has since added many services over the years as technology and demand has allowed. It has always been our approach to do what we do very well and to be experts in our field. We do not launch a new service unless we are sure that we are proficient and well trained in the new service. We now offer a wide variety of services that are geared toward helping our clients' workflow run more efficiently.

We believe our 20 years in the business gives us the experience that our clients expect and deserve. There are other companies in Louisiana that provide similar services, but none with the experience and dedication of Quality Litigation Support. Cumulatively, the principle partners at Q.L.S. have more than 50 years of experience in our industry, and there is no substitute for experience!



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